Periodontology or periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that focuses upon the logical examination, searching and treatment of ailments, toothache and conditions that affect in the encompassing tissues (Gum (gingiva), Alveolar mucosa, cementum, periodontal ligaments & tendons, and so forth.) of teeth. There are different parts played by; alter the basic changes related with age and outside condition by persistent recovery and renovating. Periodontology manages these supporting tissues which are known as Periodontium like: they oppose and streamline the powers created by discourse, rumination and gulping infections which can be arranged into gingivitis and unending periodontitis. The basic manifestations of gingivitis are redness, edema and bleeding. Constant periodontitis can cause aggravation and bone misfortune. These sicknesses can be treated with periodontal treatment which incorporates oral cleanliness, scaling and root arranging and with the use of antimicrobials.

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